The 1st Hole

A solid par 4 to get your round under way. A decent drive past the left side fairway bunker will leave you with a mid iron into a wide green. Par is a good score.

The 2nd Hole

Hole 2 is a par 3. A pond close to the front of the green demands a solid tee shot. Sloping sides to this green make chipping onto it that much more challenging.

The 3rd Hole

The third is a par 5. Beware of the road running the entire right side of this hole. A good bail out is the driving range on the left. Bunkers guard the front and sides of this protected green.

The 4th Hole

The new green on this par 4 fourth is straight ahead and slightly elscalated. A small iron into this green is all you'll need after a solid tee shot.

The 5th Hole

Reachable in two, this par 5 narrows into left and right side trees. Out of bounds marks most of the right side.

The 6th Hole

Uphill all the way so add yardage. This lengthy par 3 will test your mettle. You'll be happy with a 3 here.

The 7th Hole

This par 4 7th hole demands a straight tee shot to allow for a short iron into the undulating green. 7 is the most challenging hole on the course. Finding the fairway off the tee is essential.

The 8th Hole

Long hitters have a great opportunity of driving this sloping green. A slight dog-leg right with red stakes guarding the right side of the hole.

The 9th Hole

You'll need a straight shot of the blocks on this dog-leg right 9th hole. Water protects the majority of this green.

The 10th Hole

A strong par 5 starts the back nine. A large green with bunkers on both sides.

The 11th Hole

A dog-leg left that requires a well hit tee shot. Avoid the left side.

The 12th Hole

Great birdie opportunity. The green reachable in two following drive..

The 13th Hole

A large green with a pond located near the front right

The 14th Hole

A relatively small and tough green. Missing the green short is better than wide.

The 15th Hole

Out of bounds lines the right side of this par 4 15th.

The 16th Hole

Challenging off the tee. Test your accuracy with a wood or put yourself in good shape with an iron. This hole narrows towards the green.

The 17th Hole

Miss right. A pond guards the majority of this par 3.

The 18th Hole

A great finishing hole and a good chance at eagle with a long drive over the trees on the left. Water in the front and side of this green will test your courage on your approach.