Since the Birimcombe family purchased the golf course in 2003 they have planted 458 native trees on the property. These include a variety of spruce, poplar, cedars, sumac, maples, pine, willow, service berry, nanny-berry, apple, willow, lilac and high bush cranberry. Most were purchased from the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority. Others raised from cutting or seeds from resident trees. Imagine how much carbon they will absorb over the next century. They have also returned 7.1 acres to nature. Part of these spaces are showing natural reforestation. This will help with carbon as well as habitat for wildlife including allowing milkweed to flourish for the monarch butterfly. Flower beds have also been planted with butterfly and pollinator bee friendly plants i.e. spring bulbs of crocus, chives, allium, echinacea(cone flowers), gaillardia(Indian Blanket flower), sunflowers, bidens, black eyed susan, butterfly weed, and both cranapple and apple trees. Springwater golf course also boasts a patch of "prickly pear cactus" the only native cactus to winter in Ontario, usually found along the shores of Lake Erie.

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With the purchase of one regular priced adult green fee.
Valid after 4 pm Monday, Friday and Sunday.
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Regular Priced Green Fees 18 Holes 9 Holes
Monday - Thursday $39
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays $39
Power Cart Per Person $15 $9
Twilight Golf (After 3 PM) 18 Holes 9 Holes
Monday - Thursday $26.55 $19.47
Friday - Sunday $25.65 $19.47

Driving Range Small Bucket: $4.07. Large Bucket: $6.10.

All rates subject to applicable taxes. Rates subject to change without notice.



Membership Category Weekday Memberships (excludes Holidays & Weekends) Full Week Membership
Adult Male or Female $925 $1095
Husband & Wife $1,550 $1,750
Family - Limited to 4 People $2,100
Intermediate (16-18) $525
Junior (10-15)
Valid after 2 pm on weekends and after 11 am weekdays
Senior Male of Female (55+) $895 $995
Senior Husband & Wife (55+) $1,399 $1,650
Husband & Wife (1 Senior & 1 Adult) $1,455 $1,695
Corporate Memberships $2,100
GAO Fee - Fee for Handicap Machine $40 $40

  • All membership rates are subject to HST
  • Membership does not include tournament play.
  • 5 Day Membership excludes weekends and holidays
  • In order to provide preferred tee times for members, memberships will be LIMITED on a first come, first served basis.
  • 25% administration fee upon cancellation of membership
  • All persons use the golf course grounds and buildings at their own risk in all respects as to personal accidents or property loss or damage.
  • Tournament rates on request.
  • Rentals available.
  • $25.00 service charge for cheques returned NSF.
  • Some restrictions apply.

Activity Schedule

Event Date Time
Opening Day Saturday April 18 8:00 am
Men's League Opening Sunday April 24
Ladies League Opening Breakfast Sunday May 1
1st Ladies League Wednesday May 4
1st Men's League Thursday April 28
Senior League Opening Breakfast May 10
1st Senior Scramble Series May 10 9:00 am
Father's Day 9:30 AM
Springwater Cup
Men's League Captains Open 9:30 AM
Ladies Fun Tournament July 13
Men's League Civic Holiday 9:30 AM
Junior Club Championship
Men's League Labour Day 6:30 AM
Senior Scramble Closing October 4
Club Championship
Ladies' Closing Dinner September 28
Men's League Scramble
Men's League Scramble
Men's League Closing 1:00 PM
Octobergolfest Saturday October 21

Corporate Memberships

Response to the corporate membership is extremely positive and a limited number of corporate memberships remain available for 2012.

Aside from being one of the few courses in the area that offers a corporate membership, what makes this membership unique from the others are the services we provide.

The corporate membership allows playing privileges for two everyday. The membership is fully transferable, but no more than two may use it per day.

Corporate memberships are an ideal way to entertain clients or reward employees! An added bonus is that a charge account is automatically set up for any incidentals such as cart rentals, merchandise, food and beverages, etc. that has been approved by the account coordinator. Monthly statements are mailed to your office to reconcile your account. Fp

All this for a membership price of $2,100.00 plus HST.

  • All tee times must be booked by the player's name in advance by the corporate membership holder.
  • Each corporate membership allows playing privileges for two.
  • All corporate membership playing privileges are transferable.
  • No more than two persons may be on the golf course under the same corporate membership per day.
  • Authorized players under the corporate membership must sign in at the Pro Shop before playing.
  • Corporate memberships apply to daily playing privileges only and do not apply to tournaments or other club functions.

  Weather... just because it's raining where you are, doesn't mean it's raining here!

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Contact Us

Springwater Golf Course
1481 Golf Course Road
Minesing, ON L0L 1Y2

Phone: (705) 728-1866
Fax: (705) 721-9544


League Information

Men's League
Our Men's League enjoys playing every Thursday evening during the summer!

Captain: Bobby Gibbons, Mark Arnold

Time: Shot gun at 5:00 pm.

Special Events: During the summer Men's League participate in special events every holiday. These events typically start at 11:00 am.

Cost: $100.

Contact the Pro Shop at (705) 728-1866 for more information or to register for Men's League.

Ladies League
Our Ladies League enjoys playing every Wednesday during the summer. The league plays in the morning and afternoon.

Time: Morning tee times - 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Afternoon tee times - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Cost to Join League: $60 - includes Wine & Cheese, Opening Brunch, Closing Banquet, and Lots of Prizes!

Contact the Pro Shop at (705) 728-1866 for more information or to register for Ladies League

Saturday Mornings League
A Stableford points based system. Fair to players of all levels. Men and women. Every Saturday morning. 8 a.m. start time.

Contact the Pro Shop at (705) 728-1866 for more information

Senior's League
Our Senior's League enjoys playing every Tuesday morning during the summer.

Time: Shot Gun at 8:30 am.

Contact the Pro Shop at (705) 728-1866 for more information or to register for Senior's League

Kids Play Free

With the purchase of an adult green fee get ONE FREE Junior (15 & under) GREEN FEE FREE.

This offer is valid after 4:00 p.m. Monday, Friday and Sundays.

Please note: Golf cart is not included in special if you wish to take a cart you must pay for both the adult and junior on the cart.

Take A Kid To The Course

Developed by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada to encourage families and juniors to take up the game of golf, this cross-Canada campaign is designed to illustrate how easy it is to improve both your score and your relationship with your children by bringing them out to the golf course.

Tournament Inquiries

At Springwater Golf Course we strive to make your experience hassle free and enjoyable. Whether you are hosting a family, corporate, or charity tournament we are available to assist you with all your tournament needs.

Our newly renovated dinning room can accommodate groups from 20 to 144.

We have custom tailored packages for "Golf Only", 9-hole and 18-hole, and our "Executive Package" which includes golf and banquet. All of our packages will provide your guests with the "five star treatment".

Springwater offers an attractive selection of meals in a comfortable setting, EZ-Go power carts, scoring, on course amenities, beverage carts and helpful staff.

Course History

On February 28, 2003 Arnold and Ed Lange sold the golf course to the Birimcombe family; Dave Sr., Joyce, Dave Jr., and Stacey.

We are very pleased with this sale and we will work very hard to make this golf course more enjoyable for the existing members and for the new members, who wish to become a part of Springwater Golf Course, notes Dave Birimcombe Sr. We have been members for approximately 12 years and we realize that the course has been getting better every year and we intend to increase the quality of your golf course to a much higher level. As members you will respect the fact that we cannot do all the improvements in 1 or 2 years and we know that. We have developed a five year plan that consists of many improvements that are needed to improve the course.

For the 2003 golf season, we are going to finish the pre-existing work which was started and due to the weather conditions at the start of last year did not get completed. We are in the process of buying a range ball picker which will help us to ensure the range balls are picked up in a expedited manner allowing the range to be available all day 7 days a week. The range will also be cut on Sunday evenings so the range can be used when you come out for your round. In the fall of 2003, we will be constructing targets on the range which will give the users a more realistic view of where their ball, direction and distance, is going. New bunker sand will be installed in the existing bunkers and as the season progresses we will install drainage in these bunkers. We are also in the process of obtaining a bunker machine to maintain these bunkers on a daily basis. We will be finishing up the new tee areas around hole number 12 and providing drainage around the back of hole number 11�s green. In addition, we will be cutting down a few trees around the course which will please a great many of the golfers. Our other plans in the next few years include the lengthening of a few of the tee blocks, and enlarging three greens (#5, #13, and #15). We are in the process of consulting with our maintenance staff on these ideas. All options are being looked into to ensure that we maintain a minimum level of inconvenience for the users of Springwater Golf Course. We will also be making improvements to the areas of the golf course which are not quite as noticeable to the members and the guests of Springwater.

Now after me telling you about what we are going to do let me mention who is going to be a part of these developments, in case some of the members or guests at Springwater do not know us. Our family members will each be taking an active role in the success and development of Springwater Golf Course along with the expertise of our staff. Dave Sr. and Dave Jr. will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the golf course. Joyce will be in charge of all the office management. Stacey will be handling all public relations, and organization of the kitchen and lounge.

We, the Birimcombe family and the staff, hope to make your golfing experience at Springwater a pleasant and fun experience. We will do our utmost to make this happen. As this is our first year in the golf course business we are only human and will probably make a few small mistakes which we hope will not inconvenience your time at Springwater. We hope the members and guests will express their constructive ideas to help us make Springwater a great place to play golf. David Jr., Joyce, Stacey, and I have made a commitment to improve the golf course; we are ready and willing to �Accept the challenge�.

We look forward to meeting all of our members and guests in the near future.

Charitable Donations

Springwater Golf Course is proud to support our local community. We contribute to many charitable events and organizations each year.

We receive a large number of requests. To assist us in making a decision, we ask that all organizations submit their request by email. Please include your contact information and any information about your organization or event. Unfortunately we are unable to fulfill every request, we try to first assist those associated directly with the course (members, tournament coordinators, etc.).

Please send your charitable donation request to

Golf Packages

FREE Value Packs can be picked up at Mr. Sub, 506 Bayfield Street, Barrie. While quantities last.

A) 1 FREE Weekday Green Fee with the purchase of 1 regular priced weekday green fee. Monday thru Friday during prime time and twilight hours.
B) 1 FREE Weekend Green Fee with the purchase of 1 regular priced weekend green fee. Saturday thru Sunday after 1 PM. Power cart rental mandatory.
C) 1 FREE Power Cart Rental with the purchase of 2 regular priced weekday or weekend green fees during prime time and twilight hours.
D) 1 FREE Green Fee with the purchase of 3 regular priced green fees during prime time and twilight hours. Power cart rental mandatory.

* Regular weekday green fee price $39 + GST
* Regular weekend green fee price $39 + GST

Tour of Course
Par 72        Blue 6262 Yards 69.7/128        White 5886 Yards 68.4/122        Gold 5886 Yards 65.3/117        Red 5142 Yards 65.3/117

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The 1st Hole

A solid par 4 to get your round under way. A decent drive past the left side fairway bunker will leave you with a mid iron into a wide green. Par is a good score.

Blue - 416
White - 400
Red - 369
The 2nd Hole

Hole 2 is a par 3. A pond close to the front of the green demands a solid tee shot. Sloping sides to this green make chipping onto it that much more challenging.

Blue - 168
White - 158
Red - 139
The 3rd Hole

The third is a par 5. Beware of the road running the entire right side of this hole. A good bail out is the driving range on the left. Bunkers guard the front and sides of this protected green.

Blue - 543
White - 501
Red - 429
The 4th Hole

The new green on this par 4 fourth is straight ahead and slightly elscalated. A small iron into this green is all you'll need after a solid tee shot.

Blue - 328
White - 310
Red - 286
The 5th Hole

Reachable in two, this par 5 narrows into left and right side trees. Out of bounds marks most of the right side.

Blue - 433
White - 420
Red - 396
The 6th Hole

Uphill all the way so add yardage. This lengthy par 3 will test your mettle. You'll be happy with a 3 here.

Blue - 188
White - 177
Red - 133
The 7th Hole

This par 4 7th hole demands a straight tee shot to allow for a short iron into the undulating green. 7 is the most challenging hole on the course. Finding the fairway off the tee is essential.

Blue - 375
White - 362
Red - 284
The 8th Hole

Long hitters have a great opportunity of driving this sloping green. A slight dog-leg right with red stakes guarding the right side of the hole.

Blue - 325
White - 305
Red - 278
The 9th Hole

You'll need a straight shot of the blocks on this dog-leg right 9th hole. Water protects the majority of this green.

Blue - 326
White - 318
Red - 265
The 10th Hole

A strong par 5 starts the back nine. A l arge green with bunkers on both sides.

Blue - 516
White - 505
Red - 435
The 11th Hole

A dog-leg left that requires a well hit tee shot. Avoid the left side.

Blue - 371
White - 351
Red - 322
The 12th Hole

Great birdie opportunity. The green reachable in two following drive..

Blue - 458
White - 445
Red - 432
The 13th Hole

A large green with a pond located near the front right.

Blue - 157
White - 149
Red - 133
The 14th Hole

A relatively small and tough green. Missing the green short is better than wide.

Blue - 196
White - 194
Red - 130
The 15th Hole

Out of bounds lines the right side of this par 4 15th.

Blue - 384
White - 374
Red - 321
The 16th Hole

Challenging off the tee. Test your accuracy with a wood or put yourself in good shape with an iron. This hole narrows towards the green.

Blue - 348
White - 315
Red - 243
The 17th Hole

Miss right. A pond guards the majority of this par 3.

Blue - 170
White - 150
Red - 125
The 18th Hole

A great finishing hole and a good chance at eagle with a long drive over the trees on the left. Water in the front and side of this green will test your courage on your approach.

Blue - 540
White - 460
Red - 400